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Comparative Tasting: Southern Wines from Portugal, Spain, Greece and France

I think we had this topic before, but aren’t there countless excellent wines in the Mediterranean regions to discover? The difference might be that this time I can at least come up with something like a link between all these wines.
The first two stem from the Douro river region in Portugal. The third one is a Spanish Ribera del Duero, the same river than the two before but on Spanish soil. Oscar (who brought the first 3 wines) thought it would be interesting to compare the styles of two neighbour regions. The fourth wine is a Greek Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Cuvée called Biblia Xora, produced in the hills of Makedonia (North-Eastern Greece, no more link here : )). Finally I contributed a Southern French wine from Faugères in Languedoc.
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Pinot Noirs from Unusual Places

Eric Asimov and his colleagues from the New York Times have tasted some 25 Pinot Noirs from „unusual“ places around the world, like Sancerre, Languedoc, Argentina or Rheingau in Germany. Actually these places don’t seem that unusual to me. Spätburgunder for example, as Pinot Noir is called in Germany, is a classic variety here since years. But I was rather happy that a Rheingau Pinot Noir, August Kesseler Spätburgunder 2003, was one of the favourites. I would recommend the New York Times’ team to try other German Pinots though, for example from the Ahr region were the terroir is ideal for this variety.

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Aristocracy Sauvignon Blanc 2005, Papaioannou Winery, Nemea, Greece

The Papaioannou (Παπαϊωάννου) Estate in the Nemea wine region of Peloponese exists since 1876 and is today one of the most respected wineries in Greece. It is reknown for its efforts to reconcile vines and soil, introducing the Terroir-thinking in Greece. It is also known for initiating biological winemaking in the country. Read the rest of this entry »

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