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  • Gary Backlund: I also have a bottle of 1873 Mavrodaphne from Achaia Claus....


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Dinner Impressions


A few impressions of a nice dinner at our friend Steffen’s, a very talented home chef. Everything was meticulously prepared and tasted delicious. A fun evening!

Frying a poached egg…

Prawn on poached egg, shrimp tartare, parsley foam– what a highlight!

This off-dry Riesling by Spreitzer was a good match with the first two courses. A bit of sweetness in the wine was a good-working combination with the mild shrimp.

Hare filets on seasoned Puy-lentils – Sensational, addictive preparation of the lentils!

Mild Chicken Curry.

A Rosé in a magnum bottle by Knipser was the perfect match with the curry!

This Roger Sabon Châteauneuf-Du-Pape “Le Secret des Sabon” held for a perfect finale of the meal! Powerful, nice fruit, complex!

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  1. felixhirsch Said,

    Just a thing, the hare doesn’t really look one: it seems too bright (the flesh) for being hare (wildhase). Was it not a rabbit or something like that?

  2. alexis2 Said,

    Yeah, you might be right Felix! my bad! How’ s your big project doing?

  3. felixhirsch Said,

    good good, it is slowly but safely coming along. WIll be up and running on the 01.01.11 so not too long now.

  4. alexis2 Said,

    looking forward to it!

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