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Restaurant Can Rafa, Rosas

If you ever go to Rosas, when you have a reservation at EL Bulli for instance, there is another restaurant which might interest you. I believe it is some kind of well-known secret tip (check out here) that Can Rafa propably offers the best seafood in town and represents the ideal contrast to El Bulli. Here everything is simple. There is no menu: Rafa will compose you a fish and seafood menu depending on the catches of the day and your preferences. There is no wine list: just order the bottle of white Godello they offer, it’s a delicious wine and excellent match with all the dishes.
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Then you just lay back and wait for all the delicious courses. We had excellent Navajas (first time I had them, a true revelation, the next day at El Bulli we had them served cold – Can Rafa’s were better!
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), grilled prawns, tender sepia alla plancha and delicious grilled fish.
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Everything cooked perfectly and just seasoned with seasalt, pepper and olive oil, and here and there some herbs. Delicious!

Rafa in action

Fresh offerings!

I think we ate one of those

Do you recognize it?

Fresh shrimp

Kiss Me!

Everything Alla Plancha

More Plancha…

Delicious navajas!!!

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