The Harwood Arms, London


The Harwood Arms is somewhat of a curiosity within the British restaurant scene since it’s the first Pub that has been awarded a Michelin Star. And when we got there I was even more surprised: it seems like a traditional neighbourhood pub in a really quiet residential area. I wouldn’t have expected fine dining there if I’d just walked by. The atmosphere inside is also very pub-like (in a good way): welcoming staff, lots of warm wood, a vibe of friends and family gathering. We were curious and ready for lunch.

We tried a Venison Scotched egg out of curiosity since it seems to be a specialty of the house. Nice but a bit too greasy for my taste – genuine cholesterol bomb.

Grilled salted ox tongue, cauliflower cheese croquette and pickles – Some Ox Tongue and a good beer from the Hook Norton Brewery. What more does it need to satisfy a German? A dish reminiscent of French brasseries where a good deal of charcuterie is always on the menu.
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Beef cheeks braised in ale with clotted cream mash, roast carrots and pickled walnuts. Beef cheeks braised in stout – probably the English version of Boeuf Bourguignon. Braised beef is always a heart warming dish and can never be a disappointment. So could this be called a Michelin starred dish? It definitely used prime ingredients and tasted yummy.
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A dish with soulfood bonus I’d say!

The Pheasant was equally good! Here a good execution was more obviously observable. The pheasant was juicy and not too dry as it is often the case.

A truly satisfying lunch it was. high quality ingredients is the key in this restaurants battleplan. Creativity is subtly implemented in traditional dishes. A recommendation for everyone looking for a genuine food experience as opposed to modern fine dining.
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Thanks again foir the tip, Felix.

The Harwood Arms
27 Walham Grove, London
Tel: 020 7386 1847‎
Tube: West Brompton, Fulham Broadway

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  1. S Lloyd (guest) Said,

    Glad to see Michelin reaching out to pubs. I remember at some point some critics reproaching that to Michelin: why not bistros? Pubs? My question to you: what did you sense in the Harmwood Arms and that would make you think “Oh..I see why it is a Michelin Starred establishment”: would that be the deep gastronomic work behind the food (usually what Michelin seeks for, at first) or the overall service/food/sensations. Thanks for sharing

  2. alexis2 Said,

    Hard to tell I believe. It is indeed not a gastronomic restaurant the way we know them. I guess Michelin is acknowledging the fact that product sourcing and quality are excellent, as well as the effort to renew somehow the traditional British cuisine. But Michelin star or not, you wont regret having a meal at this place!

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