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Jamie Oliver reaches summit!

Who actually thinks the G20 summit which will be held in London from Thursday on will have immediate curative effects on the current world economy? Well, many might put big hopes in that conference, but most doubt on the effectiveness of measures and outcomes of this top notch political gathering. Well at least, something is happening, and hope’s already a good thing.
But for one person involved the positive outcome is safely predictable: Jamie Oliver. Britains coolest chef will achieve another milestone in his career, maybe even reach its summit; well, at least this G20 will be a highlight for him. In fact, according to news coverage he has been chosen to prepare the summits gala dinner, meaning he’ll rock the kitchen for none less than Barack Obama himself plus all other world leaders.
Wicked! At least I guess thats what Jamie must have said. Well me too since I’m a big fan of his cooking style. Funny enough though, he only got the job because of the special economic situation. In fact Gordon Brown would have actually preferred 3 Star Chef Heston Blumenthal to do the job, or Gordon Ramsay in the second place, but both just seemed a bit too luxurious considering the subject of this summit. (And Blumenthal just had certain issues with his restaurant anyway)
So I’m pretty happy for Jamie and his crew, and pretty curious what the 6 course surprise menu will be in the end. But I read there’s also a downside to it: Jamie’s restaurant has been thoroughly checked by hords of security agents. Must be some fun action while you’re busy in the kitchen and try to run a restaurant.

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