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  • Gary Backlund: I also have a bottle of 1873 Mavrodaphne from Achaia Claus....


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On my plate..

2011-08-20 21.06.03

My pride of the weekend. :=) A spontaneous starter creation for a saturday dinner: poached egg on curried shrimp and green peas with mint. Worked pretty well in my opninion and should be a good basis for further development in the future! Only, I didn’t have a handy wine pairing. I think a light and fresh white should be perfect, maybe Sauvignon Blanc, or a light Silvaner…

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Categories: Food
  1. Felix Said,

    The shrimps look like spaetzle…

  2. Blindtaster Said,

    What can I say: that’s part of the Art. A better illusionist than Ferran Adria! ;=)

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