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Iggy’s Restaurant, Singapore

When looking for fine dining in Singapore, there are many more options that one might think. Alas, if you’re going there for a weekend trip with the idea of visiting such a restaurant, it is better to check your options early and reserve a table at least 2 weeks in advance. This is exactly what I forgot to do. Luckily for us, our dear friend Meng was able to secure a last-minute table (even as a private dining room) at Iggy’s restaurant within the Hilton Hotel on Orchard Street. Thanks a lot Meng for this great experience! Read the rest of this entry »

Osteria/Bar Locanda in San Francisco – Szene-Restaurant im Mission District

Wer in San Francisco ein Szene-Restaurant sucht, hat die Qual der Wahl. Vor allem im Mission District, diesem sich gerade gentrifizierenden Multikulti-Satdtteil, finden sich viele angesagte Läden. Tagsüber fristen diese hier zwischen Taco-Shops, Friseursalons und Ramsch-Läden quasi incognito ihr Dasein; abends aber blüht die Szene auf, alle paar Meter nehmen Voituriers und Damen mit dicken Reservierungsbüchern die einströmenden Nachtschwärmer in Empfang. Read the rest of this entry »

Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco – unscheinbarer Laden mit furiosem Konzept!

Da ich für ein paar Tage im Mission District von San Francisco verweilte, lag fast nichts näher als ein Besuch bei Mission Chinese Food. Dieses unscheinbare Lokal, das man als Laie anhand seines “getarnten” Äusseren beim Vorbeilaufen kaum identifizieren könnte (Es trägt nämlich den Namen des Vorgänger-Restaurants Lung Shan – ich bin selbst mehrmals daran vorbei gelaufen), hat sich in den letzten 3 Jahren zu einem Phänomen entwickelt. Gestartet als Pop-Up Restaurant Projekt von Danny Bowien und Anthony Myint, hat es sich – laut eines bekannten Kochmagazins – bis unter die Top 10 der wichtigsten Restaurants Amerikas gemausert. Read the rest of this entry »

Restaurant Cal Pep in Barcelona

Cal Pep is undeniably a legend among Barcelona tapas bars. Over the last decades it gained a reputation for high-quality bar food, serving market fresh produce directly at the counter. Nowadays Cal Pep is a well-oiled machine,  attracting many foodie-tourists and one can read in specialist forums that it has lost some of its glow. So I might have been a little late to experience the greatness of Cal Pep, but I guess I at least wanted to add the place to my list and maybe check what the hype is about. Read the rest of this entry »

Restaurant Comerç 24* – “Catalasian” cuisine in Barcelona

Carles Abellan, one of the former disciples of Ferran Adria, has built up a small empire of restaurants in Barcelona. His flagship restaurant is Comerç 24, where he serves a cuisine which makes use of molecular techniques he learned at El Bulli, but cares to accentuate the subtle flavor of the produce rather than emphasizing the gimmick. While his cuisine is based on many Catalan ingredients from the mountain and the sea, there is also a clear inclination towards Asia, so I decided to call it “Catalasian” (Catalan and Asian) cuisine.

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Vuelve Carolina – Quique Dacosta’s Gastro-Bistro in Valencia

When in Valencia, one has the opportunity to dive into the cuisine of Quique Dacosta, without a doubt the most acclaimed chef of the region – especially since he finally managed to achieve a well-deserved third star for his flagship restaurant in Denia (in between Valencia and Alicante) for which he’s been waiting far too long. His gastronomic bistro Vuelve Carolina is located in the center of  Valencia and offers high end bistro and tapas cuisine. It is a laid back place where beer on tap goes side by side with fine wine and where people go both for ordering several course menus as well as quick tapas bites. Quique Dacosta manages to put his personal stamp on quite a few traditional tapas dishes, but also offers modern creative cuisine based on fine-dining ingredients. Another important thing to know ans probably a must-try: There are always a few “arroz” dishes on the menu. As Quique Dacosta is also known as a master for arroz, the typical rice dishes of the region, one can expect quite some tasty things there. Read the rest of this entry »